One of the (many) lessons of 2020 is that life really takes many turns!

The other day I was waiting for my turn to cut my hair, and without having any other way, I ended up listening to someone else’s conversation, who was talking to our hairdresser. She talked about the importance of humility, particularly when life is going well, because life goes on so many times, and we know absolutely nothing about tomorrow. She told of her simple childhood, what worked to get where she was, and the fact that she always kept her heart humble, keeping the doors open wherever she went, because from her life story, she already knew that tomorrow could invite , without waiting at all, knocking on that door of the past, and asking for a guardhouse.

I kept thinking about the lady’s words, and this thing of not knowing anything about tomorrow, which instigates to live in the present more responsibly, and to work on our internal places, in order to be able to offer the world what we ask for. Let go of the arrogance of thinking that it is enough to ask, and indeed, start giving.

Life takes so many turns, and requires immense flexibility, and versatility. It is up to each one of us to use its lessons and do our homework! And if we want to change, it is useless to continue to argue through the same type of thoughts and behaviors.  Do you want to change? Move! And start by taking care of yourself, in particular paying more attention to your thoughts and attitudes. Because nobody will do it for you, not even the Yoga teacher, the psychologist, the hairdresser who has been listening to you for so many years, your best friend, the postman, or your neighbor with whom you usually complain and regret your life.

Move, stay humble, and do it for yourself!


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