Solid stone

I often write about my father and how amazing he is, but my mother is also very special. She has a particular character, she looks like an electric flea with so much energy, despite her 70 years, [...]


I love listening to my father talk about his life, the village where he was born, his jobs when he was a child, the hunger there was at that time, my grandmother alone raising three children, the [...]


If there’s a place that renews and recharges my inspiration, it’s being close to Nature. There isn’t a day that I don’t go looking for my inspiration, whether with my eyes [...]


If there’s one thing that inspires me, it’s surfing and watching Jo surf! Whenever we’re both in the water, I notice his face and eyes when he catches a wave, or when it’s [...]


The day our doctor confirmed that I was expecting a girl, I ended up in Jo’s arms, in the middle of the hospital, crying! I was convinced that I would be the mother of a boy, and in the [...]


This is one of our favorite photographs. I have a love for my father that spans the meaning of the word, and that blends perfectly with admiration, respect, affection and friendship. I am so [...]