In Ashtanga Yoga we refer to shala
as the home of yoga.

The Ashtanga Cascais is a home of inspiration
for well-being and a balanced lifestyle.

Classes and Schedule


Ashtanga Yoga
it is a practice for everyone.

ASHTANGA CASCAIS HAS FACE-TO-FACE, ONLINE AND MIXED CLASSES.  With classes for beginners to Yoga, and more experienced practitioners, providing a stable environment for learning Ashtanga Yoga. 


It is the only class in our schedule that is not recommended for beginners because some experience is needed to keep up with the pace of the class. This group class should be attended by the most experienced students.

And it is done according to the verbal instructions of the teacher, who makes the traditional Sanskrit counts of the Vinyasas – the exact number of breaths to enter, remain and leave each posture.

Mysore Style

It is the traditional way of teaching and practicing Ashtanga Yoga. And it is a group class that welcomes beginners students, that learn the fundamental bases of this practice. It is a progressive class, which respects the abilities and needs of each student.

And everyone has the proper accompaniment of the teacher, who guides the beginners, and in a low voice corrects, adjusts and teaches the most experienced students.


are classes that happen only in our online format, and were developed within the context of our Retreats by the teacher Vera Simões. These are classes that focus on the influence of breathing on our body and mind, and on staying in simple sequences of postures that work in areas that tend to be more blocked, so that we can stay, feel, release and release, preparing to grow in the practice of meditation.





You can participate in all classes with the exception of Friday.

Initially you will have 60 minutes of class.

At the time of registration, you must emphasize which class you intend to participate in, as well as the format – in person, online, or both.

OUR FACE-TO-FACE CLASSES have limited spaces, and respect social distancing, as well as all mandatory indications, so that we can keep our space safe and protected. You should send an email to to know all the information.

ONLINE CLASSES are held by Zoom. Access to classes is sent by email. The teaching is progressive and respects the needs of each of our students, so that you can start or continue a Yoga practice that takes care of the body, mind and heart.


In the morning:

Face-to-face and Online
Monday and Wednesday, Mysore Style, at 7.15am.


Monday and Wednesday, Mysore Style, at 9am.  

Face-to-face and Online

 Tuesday and Thursday, Mysore Style, at 9am

In the afternoon:

Monday and Wednesday, Mysore Style, at 6pm.

Face-to-face and Online

Monday and Wednesday, Mysore Style, at 7.15pm.


Tuesday and Thursday, Mysore Style, at 6pm.


Tuesday and Thursday, Stretching, Recovery and Meditation at 7pm

You should send an email to to schedule your first class.


You can participate in all classes, and are asked to attend the Led Friday class at 7am.

Your practice must take into account the correct order of the sequences, but above all, you are asked to have an open, humble and focused heart, to enjoy the lessons of Yoga in your daily life.

In the act of your registration, specify the classes you want to participate, as well as their format, in person, online or mixed.


In the morning:

Face-to-face and Online
Monday to Thursday, Mysore Style, at 7am.


Monday and Wednesday, Mysore Style, as 9am.

Face-to-face and Online

Tuesday and Wednesday at 9am.

Friday, Guided at 7am.


Monday and Wednesday, Mysore Style, at 6pm.

Face-to-face and Online  

Monday and Wednesday, Mysore Style,  at 7.15pm.


Tuesday and Thursday, Mysore Style, at 6pm.

Online Tuesday and Thursday, Stretching, Recovery and Meditation at 7pm.

Mysore Style students entrance from 6:15 pm and 7:15 pm.

We teach Ashtanga Yoga adapted to pregnancy, in the postpartum period, and also private classes.

Send us an email for more information.

We do not practice Ashtanga Yoga on the Full Moon and New Moon days.
Ashtanga Cascais closes in these two days.


Ashtanga Cascais has dedicated teachers that follow the tradition continued by SHARATH JOIS.

Vera Simões

Level II AUTHORIZED TEACHER by Shri K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute.

She started practicing Yoga at the age of 16, but only in 2007 did she make her first trip to Mysore, in South India, to study Ashtanga Yoga at the renowned Shri K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute (KPJAYI). In 2010, she received the honor of being an Authorized Teacher with the acronym KPJAYI from her teacher, Sharath Jois. And in 2016, she had the privilege of renewing her teaching authorization to level II.

Teaches Yoga since 2003, and Ashtanga Yoga since 2006, is the co-founder and teacher of Ashtanga Cascais Yoga Shala since 2007. Her classes reflect the experience of these 21 years as a practitioner, and 17 years as a Yoga teacher, and of the faith she has in Ashtanga as a practice of transformation and connection.

She is the author of the Ashtanga Cascais blog since 2007, and the book “Parar.Sentir.Respirar. A Yoga practice to transform body, mind and soul. ”, Published in May, 2018.

Jo Bento


He was a professional surfer for more than 23 years at Billabong Portugal. He has been practicing Yoga for over 10 years, and has been an assistant to Ashtanga Cascais classes and events for over 2 years. He has always been known in surf competitions for his patience, and he brings to Ashtanga lessons the same characteristic, teaching with few words but a lot of presence, trying to help each practitioner to find their potential.

Inês Roseta


After several years dedicating herself exclusively to her family of 5 children, she started practicing Ashtanga Yoga in 2013. She was an assistant in Ashtanga Cascais classes from 2016. She has a certified training by Yoga Alliance Professionals as a teacher of Yoga Baby and Kids . And meditation training. Her classes are meant to be an encounter with peace and health.

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