Today is a particular day because it is conducive to reflect on what we want to illuminate in our life.

It is the day of winter solstice, which appears on the calendar right before the arrival of Christmas and the transition to the New Year.This day officially marks the longest nights and the shortest days. And it is also the coldest, rainiest, and darkest season, but still what do you want to illuminate within yourself? What would you like to be reborn in, to nourish with light, despite the dark and cold outside?

Sit in a quiet place, put your hands on your knees, close your eyes. Focus on your nasal breathing, slow, long and deep. Do several breathing cycles. And ask yourself internally, what do you want to illuminate in yourself? What do you want to be reborn? Love? Peace? Calm? Joy? Focus? Inspiration? What aspects would you like to reinforce in your personal relationship with yourself, but also in your relationships with others and with what is around you? What internal lights do you want to turn on, to serve as a guide and reference for your daily life?

Breathe. Sit down. Reflect. Unhurried. Without running away from the answers.

Listen to what comes up, the words, the thoughts, sensations, emotions.

Do not mix with what appears, try to remain neutral during the observation of what appears as a response, without judging, or criticizing, or arguing.

And after hearing the answers, create a positive affirmation. If the answer was, I would like to be more loving to myself, less critical and severe. So your statement may be, I am a loving, tender, and sweet person.

Get back to your breath. And breathe in deeply, and exhale repeat your statement. As if you were sending these words to your whole body, and every layer of yourself. Repeat several breath cycles with your affirmation. Each time you exhale, repeat your positive affirmation. Keep an eye on the words you are using, the internal alignment you are promoting, between what you think, say and how you feel.

And while repeating the affirmations, and paying attention to your breathing, expand your awareness even further to the sensations that arise.

When you feel it is time to stop affirming, you will remain silent. And notice how there is a deep feeling that the words you have said are echoing within you, and how they have taken you to a safe, calm and comfortable inner place, a warm place filled with inspiring light, beside these dark days.

Stay there. Absorb the words. The moment. And this meditation.


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