If there’s one thing that inspires me, it’s surfing and watching Jo surf! Whenever we’re both in the water, I notice his face and eyes when he catches a wave, or when it’s [...]

14 years

Celebrate 14 years of a dream. Congratulations my dear Ashtanga Cascais. It’s been 14 years of so many impulsive steps, and others so thoughtful! Many were full of will and inspiration, and [...]


The day our doctor confirmed that I was expecting a girl, I ended up in Jo’s arms, in the middle of the hospital, crying! I was convinced that I would be the mother of a boy, and in the [...]


Everything we look for out there is within us. But perhaps if we create a daily ritual so that we can (re) learn to stop, feel our body, and connect to our breath, we will have a better chance of [...]


An easy, quick, tasty and nutritious recipe!   I love cooking. But I am not a kitchen master, and I ended up being forced to know and like to cook my meals, because when I was 16, I decided [...]


SPECIAL ONLINE YOGA CLASS WITH THE TEACHER  VERA SIMÕES, MARCH 8, INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY, AT 7 PM, BY ZOOM.   What do you think of celebrating International Women’s Day, with [...]