An easy, quick, tasty and nutritious recipe!   I love cooking. But I am not a kitchen master, and I ended up being forced to know and like to cook my meals, because when I was 16, I decided [...]


SPECIAL ONLINE YOGA CLASS WITH THE TEACHER  VERA SIMÕES, MARCH 8, INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY, AT 7 PM, BY ZOOM.   What do you think of celebrating International Women’s Day, with [...]


This is one of our favorite photographs. I have a love for my father that spans the meaning of the word, and that blends perfectly with admiration, respect, affection and friendship. I am so [...]


Look at the sky and say thanks. And learn to congratulate yourself, to celebrate that path you’ve been doing for so many years, the kilometers you travel on this learning road, your [...]


I remember being a little over 7 years old, and already having a list of dreams to make it come true. My eyes shone with the inner will to create a life that was inspired, I don’t know [...]


It is common to walk in our life, and we take some shakes that help to open our eyes, the so-called OPEN EYES, which immediately arouse our attention and humility. In Yoga, in particular in [...]


Since I remember practicing, I hear about this word. And whenever I hear its description, I have the feeling that it is a secret force, a kind of super power that gives a real boost to the [...]


One of the (many) lessons of 2020 is that life really takes many turns! The other day I was waiting for my turn to cut my hair, and without having any other way, I ended up listening to someone [...]


What inspires me? What inspires me is the love that someone feels for himself. A love that is joy, that values the glass half full, and that laughs at itself. It is a love that illuminates, that [...]


Here at home all the celebrations go to the beach, and sometimes we surf, sometimes we take our skateboards, bikes and little child scooters, and even when it rains we stay in the car watching [...]