August Schedule

When I opened Ashtanga Cascais, people who sought our classes were recommended by a family member, friend or acquaintance, who knew the physical benefits of this practice, such as greater [...]

Solid stone

I often write about my father and how amazing he is, but my mother is also very special. She has a particular character, she looks like an electric flea with so much energy, despite her 70 years, [...]


I love listening to my father talk about his life, the village where he was born, his jobs when he was a child, the hunger there was at that time, my grandmother alone raising three children, the [...]

Kindness Meditation

This week I taught at the end of each class, one of my favorite kindness meditations. Sit or lie down comfortably. Close the eyes. Mentally follow the air in and out of your nostrils. Don’t [...]

About our Retreats

I am suspicious to speak or write about our Retreats. But that they are special, that is! And no, I don’t say this because they are ours, but because they have a unique format that you [...]

Your purpose.

You come to the world with a purpose, which is equal to everyone. But I believe most people lose it as they get older. We grow from babies to children, and then teenagers and so on, we learn so [...]