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ASHTANGA CASCAIS IS A TRADITIONAL SPACE FOR  TRADITIONAL ASHTANGA YOGA  – it is a dynamic and fluid practice that aligns and detoxifies the body, focuses the mind, and connects us to the heart.

We have face-to-face classes and online.
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Classes and Schedule

Our classes are face-to-face, online and mixed. The teaching is  progressive, and adapted to the capacities, conditions and needs of each person.


We organize Workshops and Retreats with a programs of classes and activities that aim to help stop, connect and restart.


Take care of yourself! Go slow… or faster.
Chose your rhythm, but start! And tomorrow… continue!

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Vera Simões

Stop. Feel. Breathe.

Vera Simões, is an Ashtanga Yoga teacher for over a decade, and also the author of the book “Parar.Sentir.Respirar. A Yoga practice to transform body, mind and soul.

It is an inspirational book for a lifestyle of greater connection and harmony.

  • The workshop was really amazing. I would definitely attend again. There were great insights as direct "practical" inputs during the lessons and also good background info about ashtanga during the talk. The open discussion-based format was also really nice. Vera is really inspiring as a teacher and person.

    Christian V.
  • This workshop gave me big inspiration to keep on going and practice on a regular basis. It was also very good to have 4 days on a row after not practicing for long as it refreshed the sequence and got me back to a routine. Was also very nice to practice next to you and learn more about each person on the conference. I feel now more motivated to keep on going and practice more frequently even if not perfect. I feel I have now a support system and group. Was also very nice to have Vera with us. She's a very motivational and good spirit woman. Felt like home.

    Sonia S.
  • "Attenting to the workshop of Vera Simoes at Mysore Zürich was very inspiring. In class she is very attentive and kind with all the students, working individually their weaknesses and strenghts. But what I will keep from her is her warm heart and her energy, capable to motivate everyone. Thanks Vera for sharing with us that much.

    Irantzu R.
  • We wanted to spend time together as a couple, to do something that we know we need and like: yoga and surf! We came with the experience of a very well spent time, in a beautiful space, with an environment that gives taste to breathe and enjoy, great people with whom we identified, an excellent organization that made us enjoy very well these two and a half days! We said good-bye with will of coming back a next time!

    Paulo V.
  • The retreat of the Ashtanga Cascais is a great way to start the Ashtanga Yoga practice, and also learn to breathe and relax ... unfortunately today we forget how to do it! It's great to see Vera's dedication and see her ability to identify what each student needs, inspiring us to be more patient, more focused, more aware.

    Liliana C.
  • I believe that the book "stop, feel, breathe" did not come to me by chance. I had never done yoga, I did not know what ashtanga was, but everything I read and what I saw inspired me. On the day that i finished read it, I signed up for the retreat. There were 3 days of absolute discovery, learning, sharing and overcoming ... On the mat and in the water !!

    Ana C.
  • The three days we spent in the Matinha Estate were undoubtedly to stop, feel and breathe. The space is very cozy and magical and Vera is an inspiration for the passionate way she teaches and talks about ashtanga practice. In addition to yoga, great food and various activities, I had the opportunity to meet very special people. I really want to repeat the experience.

    Vera P.
  • It is the third time I have participated in this Retreat, and there is always something new to discover and that inspire me. What I like most about the retreats are the moments of the "talks," where it is possible to have a deeper exchange on everything that involves yoga. For me the Retreats are always a stimulus to follow this path with dedication and consistency.

    Filipa B.
  • Attending Vera´s Workshoo was very inspiring. In class she is very attentive and kind with all students, working individually their weaknesses and strengths. But what i will keep from her is her warm heart and her energy, capable to motivate everyone.

    Irantzu R.
  • Vera is a very energetic and enthusiastic teacher. I truly enjoyed  the time spent practicing, improving and learning from her.

    Maren P.


We offer group classes for yoga beginners and more experienced practitioners.
Classes for pregnant and postpartum. And private lessons.
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