This is a practice of discovering love,
surrender and trust.

Our events help you find your best version!



Workshops with Vera Simões,
and other teachers certified and authorized by KPJAYI.

You will learn new perspectives, knowledge and experiences to deepen your Ashtanga Yoga practice, but also to better understand how to bring Yoga into your daily life.

The Ashtanga Cascais Workshops are open to everyone, beginners to Yoga and more experienced practitioners.

Ashtanga Cascais Workshops are organized with a range of recognized teachers, who are Vera’s direct teachers, or people of her greatest confidence.

  • Vera is a very energetic and enthusiastic teacher. I truly enjoyed  the time spent practicing, improving and learning from her.

    Maren P.

Our Retreats are real inspirations to reinforce the power, health and well-being of your body, mind and heart.

They are held in special places, and have a program of classes and activities that share what we most like and believe in.

Ashtanga Cascais Retreats are open to everyone, beginners to Yoga and more experienced practitioners.

Find your best version!