No, there are no perfect lives, no immaculate daily lives, and no matter how much you cultivate love (especially self-love), Yoga and Surf, nothing can save you from finding challenges, problems, [...]


My home is not this floor, nor the walls, the windows and the ceiling. My home is this body. This body that works magnificently day and night for me to live in health. Thank you my dear body for [...]


But what about when you can’t get to your places of inspiration as often as you would like? As much as you want to take advantage of the weekends to surround yourself with nature, the truth [...]


There are special places that, without any effort or imposition, connect you to your best. Try to take advantage of your weekends to go to your places of inspiration, especially those that are [...]


A lifetime of opening doors inside and unraveling. Sometimes in a dynamic and assertive way, and sometimes slowly and without  great certainties, with real doubts about where to put that thought [...]