Your purpose.

You come to the world with a purpose, which is equal to everyone.

But I believe most people lose it as they get older. We grow from babies to children, and then teenagers and so on, we learn so much from what we see, hear, witness, even when it seems that we are not paying attention. We form internal beliefs, and some so limiting, we feed thought patterns, linked to the way we feel and act. We all continue to say that what we want is to be happy, but few are those who know the way to get there, we start to think that if we buy a house, a car, if we get that job, or if we get a husband or a woman with certain aspects, and a whole wish list that presents our vision of a life with purpose and meaning, totally based on things we intend to have, not what we feel we are. Because it’s been a long time since we stopped knowing what we are. For a long time we have come to believe that only by living in a certain way are we enough and deserving of happiness.

But happiness is already within ourselves. And no, it’s not just a philosophical assumption of this Yoga thing.

Start over today, take care of yourself, turn inward, not with narcissistic exercises, because you already know that this does not lead to great satisfaction, at least one that is lasting. Take care of your body, which is the vehicle of your life, but above all, focus on your mind, listen to you more, and for that you need to calm down.

And prepare yourself because the possibility is huge that you realize that more than half of your day is spent with completely confused thoughts, or that don’t add much to you. But start listening to you, and maybe nurturing other kinds of thoughts, forgiving yourself more often when you re-enter a life of autopilot, survival, suffocation and exhaustion. Be grateful for all the opportunities that you start this internal journey, to clean your body and mind with your Yoga or other activity that works to challenge you, to get out of the comfortable patterns, and to get to hear again the calm, clear, and simple voice of your soul, which at every moment, despite the challenges you may experience, will always say – that everything is fine, breathe.


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