You don t have what you want…

She said from the height of her 85 years, “because you don’t have what you want, but what you need”. And I surrendered to the evidence, shook my head and reproduced a yes, a little embarrassed, because I understood perfectly what she was trying to teach me. It was not an embarrassment of guilt or regret, nor of criticism or judgment. It was a more friendly little shame, that voice inside that gives the internal hug, and allows us to understand what until then, was not making sense. Because sometimes being embarrassed is ok, when it comes from the right place, a place of acceptance, and surrender.

It’s just that what we need is not always pleasant, or simple, and often, and as difficult as it is to accept, it seems to be exactly what we need to learn, or change. And it’s not worth complaining, running away, pretending, because sooner or later, the situation returns. It comes back again, and so many more times, until we give in and learn our lessons.

At the height of her 85 years, with her hair all white, that little lady reminded me that it is necessary to raise your head not because we wear the clothes of the ego but because we put on the shoes of humility, we rolled up our sleeves and started to deal there with what causes suffering. And if you have tried, and even many times, to deal with the subject, with the situation, with the person, or with yourself, but you gave up because you felt it was difficult,  know that all these attempts are a wonderful blessing to grow and develop better strategies . There are no perfect paths, and this life is like this, being able to learn.

Remember that you don’t have what you want, but what you need. And what you need is to lower the guard, the walls, open doors in the shell that helps to hide you, and through dedication and self-care, polish the beauty of being a more humble, compassionate and integrated human being.

Try it.


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