Surfers have a board as essential, marathon runners need sneakers with specific conditions, and I predict that for example, whoever does boxing sooner or later will need gloves, but what about the Yogis?

We do not really need anything to practice Yoga. However, when we do it over a bath towel, or on the big rug we have in the living room, or even directly on the floor, on the lawn of a garden, or with our hands and body touching the sand of a beach, it’s completely different than practicing on a Yoga Mat. Why?

In the same way that all sports have an essential item so that we can enjoy a better performance, and although Yoga is not at all, and only a physical activity, the truth is that practicing on a Yoga Mat, creates conditions for us to develop with greater ease, comfort and stability of movements and postures, as well as mental focus.


  • In the same way that Yoga teaches us to bring ourselves to the present through greater awareness and presence, it makes sense to choose a rug made with organic, sustainable and biodegradable materials.
  • It is important that it is a non-slip mat, so that we can benefit from a practice that invites us to look inside, without losing our attention and energy because we slide with our hands and feet, in an endless and exhausting dance.
  • The practice of Yoga, and in particular that of Ashtanga, it is a deep cleansing of the body and mind, which generates internal heat, translated into perspiration, yes, we sweat while practicing Yoga! It seems to me essential that the mat can be cleaned easily. And nowadays almost all mats can be machine washed, and there are also several cleaning products and specific ones to keep them very clean.


It is a Portuguese brand, and made of Portuguese cork! It is a very beautiful rug, with the special feeling when we have the skin on it. And I leave you a great tip for any cork rug, if you feel that the rug is slipping, just spray or put a little water directly, rub your hand to spread the liquid well, and you will soon find adhesion!

It is also a Portuguese brand and made with Portuguese cork! Born after more than 10 years of research, it has the perfect width, it is one of my favorites, in addition to being the practice companion of many Yoga practitioners.

It was my Yoga mat for almost a decade, the 4mm is the best known, and there are several colors, I recommend the gray and purple. They are made in the UK, are biodegradable and have excellent adhesion.

Samadhi is a Portuguese brand, with an online store with various products related to the practice of Yoga. If you visit their website, you will find several options of Yoga mats, with different materials and prices.

I hope that this information, tips and recommendations will help you choose your Yoga mat, and that it will be a great companion on this incredible internal journey, which is Yoga!


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