You got down there, didn t you? Now inhale, and come up! Think positive, fill yourself with air, but also with courage and faith, and rise. Use your own legs, and the pressure of your knees and feet against the ground, and come up! If you feel scared, remember that you can. And if by chance you go back down again, remember that only by trying, is that we can get up!

If you think I’m writing about the posture that is up there, it could be, but in fact I’m talking about how to turn around, the life rounds!  If you’ve been feeling down for some time, you complained about this winter, as if the cold was the culprit of this state of fatigue, saturation and disconsolation! Know that your only option is to move your blessed body, and rise up, give yourself responsibility, courage and faith, and make the ascending path to life that your heart knows is right.

Come fast, or slow, at the pace that makes sense to you, but move!

And if you need some inspiration at this moment, remember that everything can serve as a spark to ignite the focus and the inner will, to walk again in the life where you feel more balanced and happy. Come and take an Ashtanga Yoga class, or return to your walks, even if it’s cold and rainy, mark the day for the conversation with your half face to finally talk about what you’re feeling. Organize your meals, return to the kettles with breakfast and lunch. Reduces the time you spend on your phone. Anyway, simplify! And then notice what happens in your body, and how your mind becomes calmer.


There are no perfect lives, no linear processes, and there are better days than others, those that force us to a better organization. We do not live in a pink world of ideals and perfection, so it is up to each of us, according to what resonates in our hearts, to choose, decide and act with frankness and responsibility. And let us really remember that whenever we take a false step, or stumble and fall two floors below, let us know to have compassion for ourselves, to re-fill our hearts with courage and faith, and without judgment, or attachment to past memories, or future expectations, firmly hold our feet in the present and nurture what we want to see grow!


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