Why cooking?!

I am again full of inspiration to cook. Above all, I’m excited about cooking, adding ingredients, testing recipes, checking food conjugations, innovating the way I make them, and then doing the second part of this experiment, which is how I digests, and how are reactions in my body and in my mind.

We all know that what we eat has a strong influence on our inner energy, so we really have to lose (or gain) time and test, start with simple recipes, guide ourselves through our wonderful intuition, intelligently combine food, bring expertise, sensitivity, and create simple, tasty, nutritious food.

It may not always work, but nothing like trying again. And if you are of those, who do not do because you claim for yourselves and for the world, that you have no time. It’s just a matter of organization, if you can not cook before lunch, because you’re away from home, so do it at night, after the kids are already in bed, as if it is your meditation exercise, and the result will your lunchboxes full of good food for you and your children, and so different from what you eat in the canteens of your jobs or in schools.

It’s really important to start, not wait for tomorrow, a week from now, or just next month. How about taking advantage of this weekend to organize your pantries, go shopping, go to the local Saturday morning markets, to buy quality, fresh and seasonal items, buy a variety of products, so that you can  use them all during the week.

I go once a week to a market I’ve frequented for more than 10 years, I come from there full of vegetables like carrots, beets, assorted sprouts, spinach, lettuce, pumpkins, I bring fruit of the season like apples and pears! And I buy some products that we do not already have, such as cereals, for example brown rice, millet, couscous, buckwheat, I also do not allow that we don´t have beans, grains, lentils and i  always pass in the section of seeds and oil seeds, such as sesame seeds , nuts, and hazelnuts, because I often use them to sprinkle on my vegetables or cereals, and the nuts serve me for some breakfast recipe or afternoon snack.

For me the best time to cook is when I come home, after having taught the morning class and done my practice, I arrive with some hunger, but I keep my will, and I am inspired to create dishes that will nourish me from within. As I teach at the end of the day, and I go to bed very early, I just eat a soup and something else at dinner. So the master meal here is lunch. So you will have to realize how your day-to-day is and what will work best with you and your family. I try to cook a few more things, like soups, cereals, and I already have an extra portion for my daughter’s dinner, so with someone little organizations tricks, we save time and always have smarter, healthier and rich in energy meal.

Try it! Just organize shopping, and actually cook until you finish all the products you bought. It’s funny that I only go back to the market when I’m done with everything I bought last week, and I have the spectacular result of not buying too much, having fresh and vital products, and producing meals that help keep my body and my mind in peace.


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