When do you change your mindset?

 Yes, I am a mother, and I love being a mother, but I also love what I do in other areas of my life!


Is this wrong? Can we continue to enjoy working after we have had our children? Or that women, who are mothers, can invest time in their profession, or fight with everything to maintain a lifestyle with activities that make them happier, alive, and more fulfilled than caring for their children?

Or  what is certain is what I really feel is a true prejudice, and that still dictates the lives of so many women, who have with their children in their arms, with no chance of leaving them with anyone, most of the times is  the true consequence of living so isolated in the cities, with no family close by, without a community that shelters us.

Maybe I’m wrong, but what I’ve always said to myself, long before I was pregnant with Concha, is that I would not live up to this kind of mentality. And that when I was a mother, I would continue to practice yoga,  being a teacher and all other categories that make me happy, because with  work, organization and focus, I would show my children, that being a woman, and being a mother, does not mean that we have to abandon our dreams.

Do you  know the sad prejudice “I learned that it was the women who stayed at home taking care of their children, not the men!” ?Believe me, there are still people who think and say phrases like this, and often, they are the same ones who are masked by the airs of liberals and cool people, good with life, who looks like that  cares for their children on an equal basis with their companions .

Women like me, who are mothers, and who work with dedication, who invest in their profession, who love what they do, are not less maternal, less mothers, than those who are at home by choice, or all others that   would like to have time to do something for themselves, but unfortunately they do not have any support network. It is sad that even today, in the year of 2018, with so much woman showing what they are worth in the most varied professional areas, that they continue to be judged as mothers because they are not at home 24 hours taking care of their children.

The mentalities change if we want, if each of us work internally, we achieve a society where being a woman and a mother, will be synonymous of people who are happy, educating their children to fight for their dreams, despite the difficulties, challenges or resistances.

When do you change your mindset?
And when in reality we will have  equality between men and women? When can we, women, really be free, despite being mothers, to follow our dreams?


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