When we chose Bali as the destination for our first retreat outside of Portugal, we knew that it would be the perfect place for them to have the real experience of RESTARTING.


Because they would be led in a process of 7 days to (start over) to take care of themselves, through a daily work of a routine of breaths, postures and movements that potentiate the capacities of our bodies. They would learn to be silent, and inevitably to cultivate calm, focus, and persistence in a week of inner observation of how to overcome thoughts, emotions, nuisances, and desires.

We wanted to show them how to start again the path of their hearts, through daily practices that would lead them to work accepting where they were internally, to embrace and to provide themselves with new instruments to return, or to continue, to take steps towards what is the right. Because we wanted to show them how the discipline of accomplishing something with consistency and dedication, would naturally help to bring these two characteristics as real surplus value, to create a life of greater connection with themselves, ceasing to live with the wind, but well united with what they want for themselves.



What we had not anticipated is that we would find a group of people, men and women, who would create such a strong group energy and so beautiful!

From the first day, they helped each other in the most varied situations, shared stories and so many laughs. These days have sprouted an immensity of good memories, of a journey that will remain forever in their hearts. It was a joy to work with each one, men and women, with different life histories, with distinct needs, but who have in common the clear focus of expanding and deepening the best version of themselves, as well as the permissibility of offering it to others and to what is around them. Thank you to all who have made this Retreat so special!


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