Turn yourself around (as often as you need)

Sometimes we have to turn ourselves around to see and feel differently!

There are times in our lives that only when we really turn around, do we finally drop the forgotten coins that were in our pockets, or that we consciously collected by the comfortable attachment, or by the bonds of fears and insecurities.

But the truth is that we do not always turn around by our own initiative, and it  end up occurring as a result of what we can define as chance, luck, destiny or the wonderful karma, which inevitably, sooner or later, forces us to make a kind of contortionism in the body, mind and soul, to produce a process of seeing and feeling differently.

I do not know which of the two scenarios is simpler, nor is it easier to drop the coins we have forgotten, or those that we have been collecting with such attachment, the result of fear, insecurity, of repeating to ourselves such “I can not” , “I do not deserve”, and all the other “no” that we feed as absolute certainties, and that can kill the inspiration, our dreams and potentialities.

Normally everything that implies change, ends up requiring immense of ourselves. And it is common, there are phases that we look at the coins that finally fell to the floor, with illusory feelings of longing, and we feel the temptation to return to what we were, even recognizing that that object, person, situation, will only weigh in our pockets, and which brings nothing to the path that our heart knows is the right.

You have to steady your feet with consistency and coherence in the present, breathe deeply, have the patience and resilience to continue, and slowly train your body and mind, with the responsibility to choose better, to walk lighter and safer, knowing that we can not to control the future, recognizing that we lack nothing, and be grateful for where we are, and keep turning ourselves around, to find within ourselves what we once tried to find out.

And with a new perspective, continue to fill the heart with renewed faith, positivity and confidence, and move forward.


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