If there are lessons that Ashtanga Yoga teaches,  is this one, we are responsible for the quality of our thoughts, emotions and actions! Through mindfulness, involving consciousness in the present moment, we can understand that our mind has incredible potential, and also the ability to produce immense games, problems, difficulties, and blockages.

This perception is not an easy lesson to learn, and it probably takes a good couple of years to bang headfirst in the same place, until by the consistency of daily practicing Ashtanga Yoga, which uses a conscious breath synchronized with a set of postures, will necessarily , sooner or later, give us a new sense of responsibility, one about ourselves, an inner will to better care and unite our bodies – physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual.

Letting go of the cliché of living in a grieving way, that is to blame others and around us, to embrace with both hands the control of our present. Yes, there are always days where we slip and we start to lose time with thoughts or emotions that stress the idea that something is missing, “when I have more time”, “when I win the Euromillions”, “when I lose weight,” “when my children grow up,” among so many others. For the next moment, we close our mouth, bite our tongue, and laugh at the easy ability to be deceived by our own mind. And roll up our sleeves and get back to work in the present, because it’s the only thing we have, the past has passed and the future “God alone belongs”!

And yet there are undoubtedly complicated situations, especially those that are intertwined with the state of our health, the loss of loved ones, goods that have been earned as a result of hard work and a life of dedication, etc., which can no doubt make us enter a negative mindset. Unfortunately our lives depend much more on ourselves, than most believe, but with or without Yoga in our daily lives, we will continue to have to live with the uncertainty of the future. But it is incredible how strong our thoughts are, one of my favorite therapists, Tania, constantly states that the healing of many of her patients is not only done by medicine, but also when they believe that therapy has an effect, that is when there is an act of faith, a commitment, a dedication.

If you walking around with your life, complaining constantly to yourself, and especially to others, stop and concentrate on your breathing, yes you read it well, connect to the air that enter and exit through your nose, and after do it  again, and follow these instructions – Exhale the air through the nose and surrender, come internally to another place, very different from where you were, let yourself lead to a state of peace, believe it’s possible! Now inhale through the nose, fill yourself with oxygen, energy, but also with courage. Exhale again, this time in greater depth, to try to release tension, pain or blockages, in a sincere inner exercise of relaxation and meditation. Continue to make more cycles of breathing, those that you need, with the same intentions either in the inhalation and exhalation, until you feel that you are inside of yourself, with total attention to your breathing, awakening your capacity of surrender to the moment, and of experience peace.

Try it. Only you can do it for yourself. And then repeat this exercise every time you feel that you are living in the past or  future. Every time you complain, or when you generate thoughts and emotions that will not add anything good to your daily life.


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