It’s one of our traditions, never closed our practice house in the summer! Because although some of you rest for a month (your lucky ones !!!), there are others who only take vacations for a week or two, and there are still those who have already paused their jobs and will be here all summer!

Our Ashtanga Cascais is open in June, July, August and September, and are perfect months to continue, start and restart practicing Ashtanga Yoga. Because you will warm the body very easily, and naturally  enter into a detox process (physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual). A detoxification done by ourselves, by taking more attention to our breathing and controlling the senses, promoting a special state of concentration and focus, coupled with the fact that we put the body inside all those postures that stimulate the increase of blood circulation, the enhancement of our digestive system, but also by the incredible journey of bringing us to unique and internal places, which raise light, above all, perspective on what we could define as problems, obstacles, limitations.

The practice gives us a bath (and what abath!) of humility, simplicity and honesty, that allow us to gain instruments to build a life of greater meaning. It offers us silence, moments in the present to better listen to what we say to ourselves, and what we think and speak to others, sooner or later obliges us to bite our tongue a couple of times, closed our mouths and breathe , accept, surrender, and respect. It’s a journey from the inside out, from the top of the mat to the paths we make in our day-to-day lives, in all the choices and decisions we make.

It is an added value for all, woman, man, those who have children, and all who do not have, for the poor, the rich, the more or less, the doctors, all the doctors and the most excellent, and those who have nothing behind the names. Within this room, there are no distinctions of gender, age, profession, material possessions, flexibility, strength, innate ability of concentration or lack of attention, etc., nothing prevents from practicing Yoga and we all win by doing so, not forgetting that all these benefits are not the goal of this millenarian practice, but that there are fruits of consistency, which means that it is necessary to go to the mat regularly, or nothing profound will happen.



Get organized with the children’s vacation, the late dinners with the windows open, or  in the terraces, the beach time until the end of the day, and everything that characterizes a good and rich summer, full of experiences that brings out  best version, and come and join us!


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