This practice is a way of discovering my own abilities to enhance my inner light, which is nothing more than the experience of peace and the infinite possibility of improving what separates me from what I feel is my purpose.

To see and hear me learning  from every trial and error, every encounter and mismatch. From many moments of reflection, and many others of joy and courage to know more and more to filter people, situations, thoughts and emotions that do not add any to a simple and peaceful life.

This practice is lived on top of my Yoga mat, but it is also transverse in my life. Because it really is an incredible help to bring the lessons I learn so much about myself to the other areas of my life.

And because that mat never judges me, and always welcomes me with such equanimity, it watches my moments of glory and frustration, those of peace and serenity but also moments (which are many more than I would liked) of pure mental confusion. The mat is there without any expectation or pressure, ready to embrace whatever I have to share. It is that friend who listens, and only speaks at the right moment, that allows us to understand what had not yet been perceived. And that is why it allows me to   bring freedom of movement to my body, work my mind towards the path that I feel is right, and open the doors of my heart to a blessed slow living. And as much as there are practices that are not perfect at all, because there are days when there is no inspiration, or my ability to focus, or I lose myself in my emotional patterns, there is always time and space to rediscover the path of return. I use inhalation and exhalation and find myself feeling a renewed internal strength to try again, proving that there are infinite possibilities, and nothing is just black or white, but a panoply of incredible shades, incredible opportunities.


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