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“Get inspired: the online yoga retreat that promises to help you relax

It takes place during a morning and aims to create a moment of relaxation, celebration and connection with the body.


You don’t even have to leave the house.
Ivone Machado

Decorate this date: May 30, a Saturday. It is on that day that Ashtanga Cascais will organize an online retreat, through the Zoom platform. It’s called “Get inspired” and it will take you a whole morning to relax your mind.

The promise is that you will learn a dynamic, intense and special practice that teaches you to focus and calm your mind. The retreat will consist of three moments: Ashtanga Yoga class with guided relaxation, at 10 am; meditation at 11:30 am; and a session on “inspiration to take care of yourself”, at 12 noon.

To participate, you just need a comfortable outfit, a medium towel, a yoga mat, a notepad and a pen to point out all the tips, as well as a computer or a cell phone so you can access Zoom. Registration costs 30 € and can be done via email It starts at 9:30 am and is open to men, women and anyone who has never practiced yoga. ”

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