This is not a typical Yoga manual, it is a book that purports to be the inspiration to  better take care of ourselves. It was written not only for practitioners of Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga, but all who seek a life of greater connection.

After more than a decade of teaching Ashtanga Yoga, where I had the wonderful opportunity to meet men and women, with different ages, professions, abilities, needs and life histories that were not the same, and with whom I had the great privilege of sharing a practice that allows us to stop, feel and breathe. In a slow and gradual process, which implies regularity and consistency, we are able to potentialize our body capacities, calm our minds and balance our emotions. We will continue to have problems, days with headaches, and  complicated moments, but through this practice, we start to give our best within the Yoga mat, and in life! And thus we are able to open doors to something unique and transforming that is to take care of ourselves!

Come tomorrow, May 25, at 7pm, at Fnac Cascais, at launch. The presentation will be made by the incredible and talented Cuca Roseta.


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