I started practicing yoga in 1999, when there were few teachers and schools, but it was not until 2002 that I had my first Ashtanga class, and it was an immediate love, from those we know is for life, even when we do not guess future!

But as much love as I feel for this incredible practice of yoga, the truth is that it has forced me (and still requires) a strong process of learning from my mistakes, failures, nonsense, and everything that implies growing, to be able to touch, a few days, and often only lightly, in the beautiful notion of balance and harmony.

And every once in a while, I highly fall! Well, lucky to be down there a mat, the sand, or a system of strategies that I’ve developed over the years of practice that support the ostentatious falls!

I usually get down there and laugh, but there are days when I cry, because the fall was stronger, and the notion that I still have so much work ahead, scares! That’s when I remember the texts of my dear Sofia Castro Fernandes, or the conversations with my father, or the classes I do with my teacher Peter Sanson, which give me immediate inspiration to stop whining, get up, wipe away tears, wounds, hurts, and illusions, and with greater attention and presence, try (once again) in Yoga and life, improve posture and balance, but most of all, not forgetting to continue to develop compassion and love for myself.

Because I will continue to have to live the stumbling days, the days that I confound, the days I lose the north. The days I need someone to guide me, to remind me that everything is fine, that nothing is missing, and that everything is part of the whole.  The days that I ask lap, pamper, kisses and hugs, that I vent with those who want me well, and I listen in silence, advice and ideas. The days of break in practice and in life, to put everything in another perspective. The days of reading in search of new directions, the days of writing in outflow. The days of hours in the water to surf, with the cold water of a summer sea that does not warm. Of endless walks with my daughter on our favorite beaches, stopping to see Jo making another wave, or to better hear her laughs of joy, and everything else that makes me want to keep on buzzing and learning from this life that is not perfect at all, but has offered me the privilege of being grateful. ♥ ︎


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