1. “It was good to have participated in this Retreat, to know more about the bases, experiences and the benefits of the practice of and in the mat and Life. Thank you for your passionate, simple and enthusiastic sharing.” A.R.
  2. “As a first-time navigator in this retreat thing, I found it very complete, close, with an easy language and suitable for a” common life “. The theoretical context combined with the practice turns out to be very complete and facilitates a closer understanding to the various phases and stages of this path. I really enjoyed it. It will certainly not be the last. “ V.S.
  3. “It is already the third online retreat that I participate! When I finish, I find myself thinking! There are also really good things in this new phase of our pandemic reality! And one of these are these fantastic retreats. Afternoons that fly, and really well passed. “ I.R.
  4. “I loved the retreat. For me, who really like to understand the more theoretical side of things, it was a great opportunity to better understand the principles of ashtanga and understand what is behind the practice we do on a daily basis.” M.M.
  5. “It was really wonderful to see you share a little of your knowledge of this incredible practice with contagious enthusiasm. There is so much to learn! It is fun to see how the theory precedes the practice, and that to understand and deepen what happens on the carpet you need to know look inside, and let it flow. “ T.S.
  6. “Here at home we have had a macrobiotic diet for some time now and I feel that this awareness of the importance of food, rest, the choice of thoughts and our actions and behaviors, harmony with nature, comes with the practice of yoga, meditation and all the effects it creates on us, on all layers of us and in our life …” A.G.
  7. “It was a retreat of real deepening of the practice, very rich in many aspects. The Ashtanga yoga as a way of life in its transversal dynamics.” I.P.
  8. “Beginner and curious about the Retreat, I can only say that it has met my expectations. Interesting and didactic content.” C.V.
  9. “I really enjoyed Saturday afternoon! It was an afternoon rich in knowledge sharing! Even for those like me, who are practicing yoga for the first time, I was able to follow along and be in the mood to know  more!” M.S.
  10. “You found a wonderful way to bring the community together and keep the fire burning on such strange days. Congratulations on the initiative and thank you for transmitting your knowledge so clearly. It was great to be able to participate in the retreat and feel, even from afar, everyone’s energy. that were there. Already waiting for the next one! “ C.B.
  11. “I really enjoyed the retreat. It was my first yoga retreat and I learned some theoretical bases of yoga that I didn’t know. I think it was very positive to have the possibility to do it online given the moment we live in. I like the practical and direct way that Vera uses it both in class and in this retreat. “ S.B.
  12. “I feel in myself that every day / week I create a stronger connection with this practice. Retreats are essential for this. I feel that at each retreat, in a calm and gentle way, Vera gives us tools to dive deeper into this practice. . And, as the practice on the carpet is reflected in our life (and vice versa), the teachings of the retreats are also guiding threads for the day-to-day. “ M.M.


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