This year of 2020 seems to ask us each new day to be more flexible.

And obliged to observe what is happening in our life and around us, we consciously make the decision to accept that yes, it is a phase that forces us to let go of fixed ideas, and that instigates us to be mobile, open, and proactive.

So there we stretch a few more cms to our way of thinking, feeling and acting. In the next day, we notice that the limit we had, in reality, is no longer a determining measure, because once again, we are questioned with the need to stretch again and adapt to new situations. And we stretch over there, and a little more, and even then it doesn’t seem like enough. It is not?

We feel that we are working like never before, being so much better people, doing everything that is right, and yet it seems that it is not enough! Problems continue to arise, the tension and pressure are stronger than ever, and we look at ourselves and there is nothing more to stretch, nothing more to give!

But 2020 continues to make itself felt, and we are inspired to try tricks that once seemed impossible, and to really try new ways of living. We lifted one foot in the air, and we stay leaning on the other, and in the middle of the juggling, there we found a new enthusiasm and spirit to continue to innovate. We leave behind old habits, and in a short time we acquire new rituals that keep us humble, focused and compassionate.

This 2020 asks, incidentally, that we be masters of flexibility, removed the benches where we were comfortably seated, to get out of the familiar, instituted and planned, to advance these other paths and perfect the art of taking care of ourselves, of others and the environment. So we must learn to breathe, because that will be our best help, in this atypical, demanding and completely uncertain end of the year.


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