I look at the students from our home, and all the people I meet at the Workshops and Retreats I teach, who are men and women of various ages and professions, with different life histories and different needs and wants, and i notice that they are searching to (re) start to live a new way of feeling and being.


In an increasingly conscious society that understood that we must learn to stop, feel and breathe, to slow down the frenetic pace with which we live our days, and return to a direct and natural communication with ourselves, Ashtanga Yoga emerges as one of the paths that helps us to start, continue, and change.

For more than a decade I have been observing in classes, the notorious search for a new rhythm of life, one that brings people closer to themselves, brings them some sense of connection, and offers lessons on how to take care of the body and especially how to control the mind and the emotions.

And after we begin to practice, we are instigated day after day, practice after practice, to continue in a process that has nothing easy, instantaneous or immediate, which implies time, consistency, persistence and dedication. We are inspired to continue practicing Ashtanga, because we find the potential of our bodies, and learn that there is stability in our minds, and gain insight into what we once defined as problems, difficulties, weaknesses, insecurities and fears. We recover internal instruments that lead us to deepen what we really want for ourselves, and with this we realize that we gain control over the conduct of our lives, we cease to live like a leaf that circulates in the wind.

As a consequence of a regular practice, and of continuing a process of deepening on the Yoga mats, we also give the opportunity to change what separates us from ourselves, to take root in our way of living and being in connection with what we know is what we want.

Start. Continue. Change. It just depends on you, and you know you have the power to do it.


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