An easy, quick, tasty and nutritious recipe!


I love cooking. But I am not a kitchen master, and I ended up being forced to know and like to cook my meals, because when I was 16, I decided to stop eating meat and fish. My mother, in order to try to keep me from that new decision, replied that she would not cook different dishes for me, and I was forced to cling to pots and the world of vegetarian cuisine.

At first it was a disaster and it took me many years to know what to cook, what I needed to have in terms of nutrition in my meals, what foods to avoid, what kind of combinations worked in terms of digestion and my satisfaction, etc. It was years and years of trial, error, restart, and a lot of learning. I don’t like foods full of sauces, recipes full of ingredients, complicated confections, because I need to cook simple, quick, tasty and nutritious meals. I leave you this spring salad, which is so simple and you can add other vegetables and spices, to give it even more flavor.


1 leek

1 small bowl with previously cooked beans (can be another type of beans, although this is our favorite at home)

Salt and pepper to taste

2 small sweet potatoes

1 hand of broccoli sprigs

1 small beet

salt to taste

1 teaspoon of hemp seeds

In a frying pan add the slices of leek, season with a little salt and pepper to taste, add the beans, stir and let it heat. In a pan next to it, bring water to  boil, and place the beets that were cut thin, after a minute add the sweet potatoes in squares, and in a few more minutes add the broccoli, add a little salt, and let it finish cooking with the uncovered lid. Go and fix the cooking time, because the sweet potato cooks fast, and as you cut the thin beet it will also be ready at the same height, because the idea is that this vegetable and the broccoli are undercooked, and that they keep their color very alive . Add all the ingredients on a plate, and sprinkle the hemp seeds on top.


maximum 15 minutes.

And then enjoy, and eat, sitting in a special place in your house, by a window, or outside on the balcony or garden, celebrating this beginning of the season!


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