Solid stone

I often write about my father and how amazing he is, but my mother is also very special.

She has a particular character, she looks like an electric flea with so much energy, despite her 70 years, she unfolds herself in activities, she remembers the birthdays of half the world and all the dates that deserve to be celebrated. She is a tiny woman, with physical strength beyond normal, and she has had several situations in her life that she could no longer be here!

I’ll tell you one of them, but there are so many others. There was a time when in her rush to leave, she forgot to turn to the right, and ahead was a precipice. When my dad looked up, he saw my mom in the air, like a cartoon, she was lucky enough to land on the ground right next to a giant boulder, not on top of it! She ended up going to the hospital and came out after an hour with nothing broken!

Laura Simões’ adventures started when she was little and maybe that’s the reason for affirming her fears a thousand times, and anything that is said, here she comes with hundreds of recommendations, and dozens of care. Perhaps because her adventures created a consequence, and her mind learned from a young age to be alert, and to live anxiously. In short, I have a special mother, full of recommendations and alerts, even when we don’t ask, but she’s also the one telling me to do it, even when she’s afraid for me, and she’s the one who makes everything happen. In the midst of her intensity, she is the most solid stone in my life.

May luck continue with you dear mother.


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