Sharath jois in PORTUGAL AND SPAIN

For many months I have written about the fact that my teacher and guru Sharath Jois come to teach an Ashtanga Yoga Retreat in Portugal and an Intensive in Spain!

It is a very special feeling to know that Sharath will come to Portugal! Because after 11 trips to Mysore to study directly with him, and to remember all the effort that this meant, it is incredible that in September I will be able to practice Ashtanga Yoga on his supervision, in our country!

It will be an event that bring together our whole community, which has been created with great dedication, in a small country like ours, where most schools and teachers are still concentrated in Lisbon, and it will be wonderful to be practicing with people from North to South, and also of our Islands!


I must confess that these last two years, which I could not be with Sharath, were greatly missed by his classes and his presence, because he is one of my greatest references to the practice and teaching of Ashtanga Yoga.

After I knew that I was pregnant with Concha, I still spent some time contemplating going to Mysore, but in the end i felt I did not make sense, and after our baby was born, I also talked to Jo to go the three of us, for at least a month, but the fears of her being so small have pushed the idea away. It’s been a funny process to manage to miss my teacher, but to totally embrace this new phase of my life, which is to be a mother. So, after this year doing the recovery of pregnancy and postpartum with the practice of Ashtanga Yoga, to have written the Stop.  Feel. Breathe, and to continue daily to teach and motivate all the students who come to participate in my classes, Workshops and Retreats, is undoubtedly a very special gift, to be with Sharath in Portugal!

Know that he is an extraordinary person, with a role in the international community of Ashtanga Yoga of enormous responsibilities, an inspiration for hundreds of people in the four corners of the World, and it is a unique landmark this marvel of him coming to our country and Spain.

If you have not already done your registration in his retreat that will happen in Zmar, in Odemira, from 9 to 14 September, write to

And come and join us at the Ashtanga Yoga Retreat with one of the greatest references in the teaching, Sharath Jois!


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