Some time ago I wrote the beginning of this article, and today a couple of weeks later, it seems even more up-to-date, due to the particularity that we are all living longer in our homes, and that this mandatory stop is promoting the need to look inside, for ourselves, but also for the relationships we establish with others.

We should learn when we are children that living a great love is incredible, lucky, a real gift, especially since it will imply, sooner or later, the need to travel inside, and pay attention to our internal dialogues, our thoughts. It also involves learning internally to drop complaints, guilt, fears, shame and judgments. And yet to cultivate in depth the power of forgiveness and gratitude, which bring the strength of the present and of responsibility, to embrace the daily opportunity,  to choose and make decisions hand in hand with our (self) love.

Yes, we should learn in children, that living a great love always starts with being inside, that the other when it arrives, will never be to be the solution to our problems, needs and insecurities.

And this quarantine time is also the righ opportunity to make these trips to the intern. So instead of continuing to complain, pointing your finger, pay attention to your thoughts and your internal dialogues, take lessons, raise your head, assume your own power in the history of your life.  Value yourself for what you are, don’t wait for the congratulations or incentives of others, roll up your sleeves and with daily work, focus, and inspiration, cultivate your self-love, which has nothing to do with narcissism , or hugs to your Ego. But in living a relationship with yourself of love and respect, as the basis for your relationships with others. Yes, living a great love is incredible, a luck, a gift, but when we first live it inside, within ourselves.


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