Valuing who you are, without anyone’s approval.

Self-love is part of any process of knowledge, healing and transformation. Being able to value respect and our dignity, without needing the approval and validation of anyone, and to feel unconditional love for who we are.

Self-love has nothing to do with vanity or arrogance, quite the contrary, it is a humble practice of self-care, which should be part of the annual school programs, and one of the fundamental points to be addressed in any family.

And it is not just to be taught and encouraged by women. However, it seems that many of us, women and of all ages, do not know how to grow this basic ingredient for unconditional joy.

Do you want to know how to start cultivating self-love?

I leave you with a simple exercise that will work your attention to your internal dialogues – our thoughts, what no one else listens to, except ourselves. It will also force you to stop and look at you every day. And also to affirm mentally or verbally 3 positive affirmations, which will focus on the positive, and to understand how special it is to love yourself.

Every morning you will stop in front of the mirror, preferably one that allows you to observe your face, and if possible, your body as well. And you will look at the image reflected in the mirror, and you will say 3 positive aspects about yourself. And there’s no point in answering that you don’t see anything positive. If it is difficult to silence your internal voice, which tends to criticize and judge you can close the eyes. Take a deep breath. Say internally that you can do it. And you will see that the words begin to appear.

Do you want examples?







3 physical, mental and emotional aspects / traits. 3 points that you identify in yourself. 3 positive characteristics.

And you affirm each one of them, while you look at yourself, if is difficult you can start by closing your eyes. But in a few weeks you will be able to open them, you maybe still notice at some faults, you maybe still have some doubts regarding to your own potential, you maybe feel uncomfortable,  but day by day, you will be able to love fully yourself. And yes you will not be perfect, but you will feel that you don’t have too, the only thing you should do, is take care of yourself, and that is expanded to your thoughts, your actions, the people that you choose to be part of your life, your job, your attitude, etc. You will find an infinite possibilities of self-care, not for looking perfection, but to keep your positive energy, even on the hardest times.

And as you are  training your body and your head to find love and positivity, what do you think about expanding this good energy to those around you?

Let’s add another challenge, a self-love challenge!

So during the day you will also consciously say 3 positive aspects to your children, your parents, your friends, someone from your work, etc. The important thing is to do it present and offer this care to others, spreading and cultivating this approach of life.




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