Return, often, to the places where i am happy!

I am not much given to superstitions and I have as one of the mottos of life, the one of returning, often, to the places where I am happy!

And so a few months ago I spoke with my two friends who are also practitioners of Ashtanga, to plan a weekend that would bring together everything I like most, family, friends, the practice of our heart, the Ashtanga Yoga, South of Portugal, beach, surf, and long days of talks, sharing and guffawing! We draw our  mini-vacation plan full of summer shades, where I would have the opportunity to practice again with my first Ashtanga Yoga teacher, Tarik, and introduce him to my two great friends, but also to study with his wife, Lea, and another teacher, whom I’ve known for more than 10 years, Matt Corigliano. Our plan was so special, it attracted the other friends who do not practice Ashtanga, and we ended up being 8 adults, 3 children and a lady dog! We drive  to our dear Alentejo for a weekend of long beach days, with  good and intense Yoga  practices, walks along the seashore where each step was marked by another story told among friends, cold sea dives that froze the body but nourished the soul, lunches made out of hours under the beach umbrellas, mid-afternoon naps with babies, adults and lady dog included, and everything that is usually part of the good memories of this season.

Me, Isabel and Anna, woke up the two days earlier than the rest, to attend the workshop of that trio of teachers. And right on the first day that we entered in the practice room, we realized that we were at home, because the good energy that hung everywhere, was nourished by the inspiration that these teachers provided to each practitioner. It was so nice to see my friends being directed in the practice by Tarik, Lea and Matt, and how they absorbed everything that these teachers shared, and it was so special to listen to their tips and advices so that I could deepen my postures. On the second day we woke up very sore, the body complained that it had been adjusted in another way, which demanded consciousness and use of muscles that had been dormant until then. We made the morning trip to the Yoga school, telling each other which part of ourselves ached, but that didnt  stop us of going, and we went up to the mat to give our best respecting what we were felling – all those muscle soreness, lack of strength and the feeling the body did not want to bend or stretch! But we did what we could, and we ended with a heart full of joy, and the desire to return to study with them for many more days.

Yes, we have return, often, to the places where we are happy, and bring our family and friends with us!


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