There are special places that, without any effort or imposition, connect you to your best.

Try to take advantage of your weekends to go to your places of inspiration, especially those that are close to nature. Try every weekend to surround yourself with natural light, greenery, plants, trees, flowers, or sea, sand and stones. Take off your shoes, walk barefoot, if you want,  run, dance, or just be quiet and take a deep breath. Create a pure decompression ritual of the week, a natural way to relieve tension, stress, anxiety, confusion and conflict.

And if you haven’t found one of these places yet, start looking today. Research what is around your city, because they are the right environment to clean your energy and soul. We are fortunate to live in a small country, so we quickly managed to get out of the cities, and find a forest, mountain, beaches, etc., which are truly small oases of nature. And without spending a lot of money, you will be able to enjoy a time that renews and heals.

Regularly going to these places of nature also renews your faith and alignment with a life of greater calm, connection and positive thoughts. Make at least one weekly stop away from the cities, the hustle and bustle and external stimuli. Go alone, with your family or friends, organize meals, promote pic-nic, games for the youngest, walks and dives in the sea, among other activities that we can do outdoors and close to nature. Don’t be afraid of the cold, a good coat and scarf will do the trick, and you can also opt for dives in a warmer time, but go! Try to establish weekend rituals that are a way of connecting to nature, but also of cultivating an internal space of light, and sharing with your close people.


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