Peter Sanson Ashtanga Cascais Workshop

I hope that the words and images, serve to convey to you what we live during the 4 days of the Ashtanga Yoga Intensive with Peter Sanson.

This teacher has the enormous prowess of bringing us to a very deep and internal place, where each one of us, from complete beginners in Yoga to more experienced practitioners, we acquire a total concentration in what is relevant in this practice, that according to Sanson, is nothing but our breath!

Focusing the mind on the act of inhaling and exhaling through the nose, producing deep and strong breaths as we perform all those sets of movements and postures, helps fill our veins with oxygenated blood, flowing an energetic circulation throughout our body, creating a intense and internal process of physical detoxification, where we sweat drops and drops of sweat that cleanse our bodies, soothe the mind and open windows, doors and gates, that are parts of ourselves that were often closed for years!

During these four days I had the privilege of observing this teacher working with men and women, Portuguese and foreigns, of various ages, with distinct life stories, different needs and blockages, that let themselves be guided by his guidelines. In a calm but strong environment, we watch our bodies being cleansed from within, where we were guided to inner places where we learn to release tension and discomfort, to be able to enjoy without judgment a real Yoga practice.

Anyone can practice Yoga, man, woman, older, younger, with flexibility, strength or not, in excellent physical form as well as without any experience with physical activity, nervous, anxious, depressive, as everyone who feels well and stable. We just have  to learn it from a person like this, who does not teach to please, or to nourish desires, nor to satisfy goals and agendas. He teach in a language that crosses the linguistic system of communication to establish relationships with each of those who have been in the room, that inspires to release and relax, on and off the mat.


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