Online Retreat, February 27, Saturday, from 3pm to 6pm

3 hours of practice and simple theory, accessible and direct, for a true immersion in Yoga. It is an afternoon in the comfort of your home, with time to listen, practice and ask questions! With many moments of sharing stories, information, techniques and laughter!


3pm – Introduction to the Retreat.

3.15pm – From theory to practice – all Retreats have different themes, which complement each other and allow you to know and deepen relevant information for your Yoga practice. This Retreat will touch on the energetic aspect of Yoga – Yoga is not just a physical exercise, and has a strong energetic component, so you will discover a little more about what PRANA, NADIS & GRANTHIS is. And the connection between Yoga and our nervous system, and why this practice is so beneficial for our health, balance and well-being.

4.30pm – Guided Practice of Ashtanga Yoga, which cultivates concentration, surrender, confidence and positivity + Relaxation – the rests taught by Professor Vera are always special moments of great connection to our intern. They learn to relax their body and mind, while they are introduced to meditation techniques that work mindfulness, focus, internal observation and neutrality.

5.45pm – Questions and Answers.

6pm –  Farewell.

Everyone can participate in this Online Retreat, those who have never practiced Yoga, those who have already taken some classes, and also those who are regular practitioners.



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