Once in a while we are just two!

After a year and almost a month in these new wanderings as parents of a baby, we soon realized that once in a while, we had to be just two!

Building a family is much like creating a consistent practice of Ashtanga Yoga because it involves dedication, time, organization, acceptance and learning at all times! The intensity and the process of change that we see involved are similar, both instigating to move ourselves to gain flexibility in the body, but above all in the mind, and undress the masks of a life to embrace with honesty the best of us and learn to share it with those around us. Even when our babies spend their days grinding their teeth, or when the weight of bad nights is already more than many, or because the almost teenage children are entering a new phase of life, and so many other examples that we need to extinguish fires, to overcome difficulties, to resolve confusions, to organize routines that promote the joy of our children, to make all lunches and dinners, to separate clothes by color, to rub stains that do not end up, and picking up toys on the floor of every room, and everything else that needs to be done on an endless list of tasks!

But beyond all this, and whether we have small or grown up children, it is important to ensure that we can be from time to time, only two! Especially when life begins to seem quick, with the weeks gone by disappearing and we change (without realizing how) the calendar page that announces a new month. And so, beyond the day-to-day functions of caring and educating our children, we must stop and call the grandparents, the babysitters, the closest friends, our brothers, whom we feel we can trust to leave our children safely, and leave to stop, feel and breathe and spend a few hours doing something we like, where we can renew our energy and ensure that we do something that nourishes our soul and that inspires us to be the best version of ourselves.

Here at home the option is almost always the same, to go to one of our favorite places to surf together! But the funniest thing is that after a few hours in the water, we ended up remembering our baby’s playfulness or the fact that we are so lucky to have our 12-year-old Maria, that is such a great companion! And we realized that being 2 is very good, and we need it, but 4 + 1 (the Biga, who is our dog, an integral part of the family) is so much better!


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