If there’s a place that renews and recharges my inspiration, it’s being close to Nature.

There isn’t a day that I don’t go looking for my inspiration, whether with my eyes on the sea, or simply on a daily walk with Biga while visiting the neighbors’ gardens, because I find ‘a new fruit tree, or flowers of various sizes and shapes. It doesn’t take much to create a daily ritual that allows for short breaks to breathe deeper while a sort of cleansing and renewal of our energy takes place inside.

It’s easy to feel how important it is to be surrounded by Nature, and how it is a true inspiration for us to return to our center, to that place where everything is calm, despite the circumstances.

Here at home we organize life so that everyone can have these moments. And that’s why we pick Concha from school and head to the beach, even in winter, or we choose to walk close to home with our Biga. We were at least 30m to 1 hour outside, and everyone, in their own way, makes this connection. Concha usually goes back and forth on her bike, Maria opts for skateboarding, Biga with her rides, moving those old paws, and Jo and I talking while we watch the sunset. All of this ends up bringing us together, and most of all, it helps to stay calm.


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