More than a special morning!

The morning of December 8th was to share the Stop.Feel.Breathe. and an Ashtanga Yoga class, to a very special group of women!

There was time for them to get acquainted with this book that was written so that all people know that they can practice Yoga, and then participated in one of my Ashtanga Yoga introduction classes, with precise guidelines on breathing and how to perform the movements and postures , in order to understand the possibility of experiencing a real and deep process of detoxification, connection and integration – above all of creating intimacy with breathing, as a basis for working the body and calming the mind, true moments to STOP.FEEl. BREATHE.

We ended the class with one of my favorite relaxations, which does not have a big secret because it is very simple, but it is largely effective. Which is no more than to remind us that when we emphasize inspiration and exhalation through the nose, and when we proceed to long, calm and stable breaths, something incredible happens, a natural state of relaxation in the front and back, on the right side and left in our blessed body!

After class, Local – Your Healthy Kitchen had already prepared a wonderful brunch, which allowed for more moments of sharing stories, socializing and laughing among women!

It was more than special morning, and thank you to Filipa Galvão for the help in the organization, my supports and partners, Iswari, Rituals, Leya and the Local, and to this incredible women who came to participate!


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