Monday is no different from any other day of the week, yet it perfectly serves to regain perspective on what drove us away from ourselves!

To look inside and find a new range of solutions and start again on a path that has so much of advancements, setbacks and stops.

There is no point in lamenting, judging or criticizing when we stray in this life path, it is best to give ourselves a hug, those tight and full of love, wipe the tears (if there you have them) of disappointment for the illusory expectation, tie the laces (and again, if you have them) and get back on track.

Maybe it means steep climbs, or strong descents that make your knees ache from exertion, maybe even a little boredom because once again you are passing  in the same places, the same spots you have visited so many times that you lost count, but slowly clearing what we need, our body, the mind and the heart,  we go back to where we know we are at peace♥︎.


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