Learn to live slowly

When we have the opportunity to take a break in the routine, especially when we get out of the city to be in places that invite to more tranquility, and allow us to enjoy a time where we live slowly, naturally we find moments to stop, feel and breathe.

It is often these heights that help us calmly evaluate the way we have been living the last few months, weeks and days, and which sustain a real desire for a change and consolidation of what we feel makes us happier. With the natural silence of those who are near a beach, a forest, a mountain, a place blessed by some kind of nature, we tend to breathe more calmly, to calm the rhythm and fluidity of our thoughts and emotions, to really enjoy ourselves and what is around us.

We need the heights of these, and it’s not only when we are in the middle of the year-end season, in particular if we live intense daily lifes that involve stress, too many tasks, deadlines, endless hours spent on the computer or cars, and everything we know that moves us away from a slower, calmer life.

We must learn to live slower, better organize our lives, perhaps ask for help from older family members, open doors to re-creating extended families, sharing our children’s time with other relatives, cooking more at home, going out on the weekends to places, which fortunately in Portugal are as close to cities as a beach, a trail in the middle of trees, and any other space that has the capacity to remember that we are responsible for our life, and that we can live slower.

If you have not thought of any of this, do the exercise, alone, with your family and children, or friends, if it is not possible to go out for a few days, just go for a few hours to one of these places, go to the first one that  comes into your mind, and begin to reconnect to the earth, to yourself, to your breathing, to find ways that explore your potential and learn to live more slowly.

HAPPY 2019!


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