It’s a practice for life

What are the days and times to practice?

You have to reflect realistically and honestly. Making a decision, making choices, and organizing your day-to-day. Prepare yourself that your mind will create obstacles, count on the fact that it is not a friend to help you create a new routine, on the contrary, it will cling tooth and nail to what is already familiar and comfortable.

Stay focused on your decision – I WANT TO HAVE A YOGA PRACTICE, and strictly follow that choice. And when mind and life complicate your decision, remember to be generous with yourself, and without pressure or judgment, try to participate in the next day’s class, don’t wait for a week, a month, or a year , because if you choose to do that, 10 years will pass and you will continue to say, yes, i want to have a Yoga practice, but you didn’t do anything to make that happen.

It has to be done to make it happen, because the path is made by walking. And without pressure, judgment or blame, but raising yourself, raising the bar, and taking responsibility for keeping a commitment to your choice.

In class, whether in person or online –

Don’t expect the teacher to be a crutch. He will show you from the first moment that the path is yours, the practice is yours, the responsibility is yours. But he will be there, by your side, supporting you.

Also don’t count on the teacher being a friend, the Yoga class is not the same as a trip to the cafe, where we are there talking about what we want, or complaining about life. A Yoga class aims to bring you inside, to make your greatest journey and discovery,  makes sense right?

I also warn you that you will have some easy practices and others more difficult, some full of inspiration and also those where it will seem like you are dragging yourself on the mat, for lack of motivation. It is a practice for life, to experience a wide range of emotions and learn to be in all of them with neutrality. It’s a practice for life that has absolutely nothing to do with the number of postures you do, but with the fact that you break with autopilot, judgment, guilt, anger, fear, etc, and embrace with greater ease, generosity, lightness and well-being.

Try it.


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