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Stop.Feel. Breathe. Let’s do Yoga?”A Yoga Practice to Transform Body, Mind and Soul” is a book by Vera Simões

By: Ana Carreira


I discovered this book a few days ago in my usual round by bookstores.

The title of the book caught my attention: “Stop. Feel. Breathe”. Vera Simões, the author, proposed a journey to transform mind, body and soul through yoga. I know this transformation well. I have been doing yoga for 12 years and the truth is that in the weeks when I can not go, I notice the difference. There is no gym to replace it!

As I read about the author and saw her photographs in various exercises, there was something very familiar and I realized that it was my first yoga teacher! Was her! Vera. I remembered my first yoga classes in a small gym and the room full of people who had never tried yoga, but who were increasingly keen not to miss a class of Vera.

As for me, who always practiced sport, the effect was immediate at the time. Until today. I always believe that teachers, whatever they are, are fundamental to making us like something or not.
I lost track to Vera many years ago, when she went to open her school in Cascais. I was fortunate to continue doing yoga close to home, with my childhood friend Raquel Osório, who, however, became my teacher. There are things that do not happen to us by chance.

For this reason, I share with you this reunion with Vera Simões, through her book “Stop. Feel. Breathe: A Yoga Practice to Transform Body, Mind and Soul”. “I want this book to be for everyone, for those who already do yoga or for those who have never tried it. I want it to help people in the end to have a calmer and healthier life,” she told me on the phone today.

Maybe you will like to read it and want to try a Vera class, like it happened to me 12 years ago. For my part, I can only tell you that she knows what she does!

“Stop. Feel. Breathe: A Yoga Practice to Transform Body, Mind, and Soul”


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