It was with great joy that I was in the studios of Sic Mulher to record the interview for the show Faz Sentido, presented by Ana Rita Clara.

Firstly  I’m a fan of this program that brings pertinent, enlightening, and above all, inspiring themes, and also because  it made sense to show the Stop. Feel. Breathe, because it’s a book that talks about creating a lifestyle that gives priority to taking care of ourselves! Of our body, mind and soul, so that we can live in a connected and integrated way. It is a book for all, women, men, people who are already practicing Yoga and all others who have never done it, and do not even feel that they will enjoy practicing it!

But despite so many years of Yoga, it is easy to realize that I was a bit nervous, as a total beginner in these wanderings of being on television, I had to remember to stop, feel and breathe! I thought we would stop several times, whenever I got lost in reasoning, or that we could go back to better develop a theme, etc. I had no idea what it was to record a television program, and it was a lot of fun, despite some nervousness, to see myself with wide open eyes following  the questions of Ana Rita, who with her sympathy and professionalism  allows her guests to overcome the barriers of shame and to enjoy a conversation focused on what we most like and believe.

Thank you Ana Rita, Make Sense and Sic Woman!


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