Yesterday was the famous March 8th, but unfortunately this date is still not celebrated all over the world, although there is international recognition of being woman’s day.

This day honors efforts in the fight against gender equality, welcomes our civil, economic and political improvements. And although these rights are not safeguarded for all the women of the world, a good part of us, women, can live with these certainties, thanks to the struggles of other times. And yet, even though a lot is on paper, the truth is that even today, we, women, we end up dealing with some situations that prove that there is still a long and continuous work for equality.

Let women’s day be every day.

And may we all follow our dreams. May we all embrace and become aware of our inner potential. Reinforce the purpose of our lives with dedication and work, to live lives with freedom and to be what we want. And also learn to be best friends with ourselves, but also with other women. To remove from our minds thoughts of comparison, of judgment, so that there is indeed greater respect for our differences. Learn to be women, people, that are kind and know how to teach the same to the next generations!

May the woman day be celebrated by all!


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