INSPIRING MORNINGS – Sundays, 9.30 am, Live IG

Our Inspiring Mornings went online, and it happens every Sunday at 9.30 am on our Instagram Live.

This morning’s program of pure inspiration to better take care of ourselves, includes a Yoga class with a dynamic sequence of postures that intend to work your body, calm and focus the mind and nourish the heart. The class is organized so that all people can benefit from a moment of stopping and connecting body, mind and soul, as a way to (re) find your best version. At the end of the class, I share a guided relaxation describing a simple meditation technique that teaches the art of being present and cultivating mindfulness, focus and well-being.

After the class we go to the instagram live of one of our guests who share what they most like and believe.  It has been a huge privilege to have this incredible group of women who have been developing important processes in the lives of so many people! I am talking  about Joana Limão, Joana Alves, Marta Ferreira, Tâmara Castelo, Rita Sambado, Alexandra Vinagre and Ana Gomes. My sincere thanks for being part of these inspirational mornings.


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