On June 6, Saturday, happened another morning of inspiration!

9.30 am, Live IG

This time I had the privilege of having Lisa Joanes as a guest, she is a homeopath, the author of two books, a meditation teacher, a mother of 5 children, and with many stories, experiences, and knowledge full of inspiration.

For many decades, and in different cultures, the Full Moon has several meanings and symbolizes. One of my favorites, which served as inspiration to create the sequence of postures I taught, is that the Full Moon is seen as a favorable time to let go of negativity, but it is also a phase with the potential to embrace forgiveness and gratitude. It was a class with a very special dynamic, which intended to take all participants to look inside, to feel, connect, slow down and experience balance and peace.

After class, we all went to Lisa Joanes’ Live IG, and we had a relaxed conversation, like between friends. It was incredible, Lisa’s way of being is very natural, she inspires us to live our daily lives without masks, filters or fears. We talked about health, healing, balance of emotions, purpose of life, essence, connection to the heart, and of course travels!

“Health is being well enough to feel happy, to dedicate time, focus and energy to what really fills us.”

Lisa Joanes

Every month, during the Full Moon phase, there is a new Inspiring Mornings on Live IG, so that everyone can enjoy a morning of inspiration to better take care of ourselves.


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