Here at home you find men and women of different ages, bodies and particular minds. But also with different life histories, that at the same place, and at similar times, practice Ashtanga Yoga side by side.

They don’t talk, many of them don’t even know each other’s names. But class after class is so visible the increase of respect for the human being, we realize that Yoga opens doors in our heart and shakes out ourselves, hatred, anger, intolerance, competition, so that we can embrace the meaning of compassion.

They practice side by side a few meters away, do not choose the place of their mats, it is the one that falls in, it is the space in the room that is unoccupied, which in itself implies an interesting opening, which most people are no longer used to . They are disarmed in a first class of their conceptions about their own space and the space of the other. They are urged to be compassionate to mere strangers, and  many  other examples that bring a re-education to greater flexibility, and I do not mean the one of the body, but in the mind and heart.

In Yoga classes we are humanly educated to respect  the differences, and to counteract and replace feelings of rivalry,  competition, comparison or judgment. We are inspired to internally embrace an attitude of acceptance, peace, and responsibility for the kind of people we want to be and live.


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