Have you noticed today´s date?

Have you noticed today’s date?

Yes we are almost to finish the first month of 2018, it passed fast right?

Have you managed to implement any of your resolutions at the new  year?

On the night of New Year we tended to eat the raisins and mentally affirm a diversity of words or phrases as we embrace our close people, we even climb up to the chairs while in a heartfelt manner we enumerate our deepest desires and wishes for this 2018. Most of us think about health, family, professional achievement and other issues that we identify as something that will make us happier. And then? Then we forget and continue to live the daily life of the previous year, reproducing the same thoughts, feeling and acting in the same way as always, complaining about life, and idealizing that with the New Year resolutions we would be happy.

We  come up with a series of excuses not to change our own contexts, a variety of reasons for feeling discouraged, dissatisfied and unbelieving. We forget that  joy of the end of the year, and the idea of ​​a new beginning is present, and let the enthusiasm be hidden under the shirts and layers that we use to escape the cold of this season.

Nobody will do it for ourselves and it is not worth anything to wait for the whether to change and that another season arrive, we all have the capacity to understand what is good for ourselves, whatever that is, and then, well afterwards we have to be responsible, organized and take realistic steps to create the environment and the conditions to live satisfied with ourselves and the choices we made. Every time I’ve lost my way,  I turn to my Ashtanga practice and over the years it has always been the best way to get down on my feet and feel inner courage in my heart. Ashtanga Yoga has many benefits that are not its goal, but which arise naturally through the recurrence of practicing it, I always advise practice whether we are in more positive or more complicated phases, but sometimes it is in the more complicated that we really  feel how much it can help us to be well in the now, in this exact minute. If you already practice but you are living the winter laziness just come to a class, if you never did Ashtanga Yoga know that we have lessons from Tuesday to Friday for beginners in the morning and afternoon, and you still will have Tuesday and Friday in the lunch time.


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