Have you heard yourself today?

Do you want to bet that if you shut up, and if you keep quiet listening to yourself, you’ll probably have a nice surprise?

Check your watch for at least 5 minutes, and yes, I know you have more to do, but just stand there and listen. If you want, you can  close your eyes, then the only thing you’ll have to do, is wait!

Yeah, I told you you’d be surprised! Because the stopping and the silence can often show us that we belong to the group of those who complain, judge, compare and lament. But do not despair, because you are always in time to change.

Start by creating time in your day to day to make more of these stops. It may be as soon as you wake up, or before or after your yoga practice, or after your morning jog or walk. Or when you’re finally arrived home after another busy day of work, and you have some time just for yourself, don’t fall into the habit of wasting hours looking at your phone, or even thinking about sitting back at your computer. And if even after a full day at work, you still have to take care of your children’s routines, calm down, it’s still possible. Remember to breathe, put intent on all these responsibilities, and then when you are about to go to sleep, close your eyes, and don’t fall asleep soon, I know you’ll be exhausted, but wait, this will help your sleep.

By being consistent, you will be able to daily offer to  yourself the opportunity to stop consciously, listen to yourself and calm down. You will find that this type of exercise helps to create new perspectives on what tires you and draws your energy. Sit down, close your eyes and wait, don’t judge, compare, or complain, remember that we all have problems, and after listen to your thoughts, then focus your mind on a point of concentration, wait, and believe it is possible. The point of concentration can be the image of one of your favorite beaches, your breath, the sensations of your body, a word, a sentence, and so many other objects. Allow gradually as you continue the exercise to observe yourself and the object you have chosen. And in the continuation of this stopping with awareness, you realize that you are less and less within the group that judges, mistreats, compares or regrets!


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