Here at home all the celebrations go to the beach, and sometimes we surf, sometimes we take our skateboards, bikes and little child scooters, and even when it rains we stay in the car watching the sea.

Our Christmas started on the 24th in the afternoon, on the beach of my husband’s whole life, to continue this family tradition – to celebrate the good times near the sea.

There is no Christmas that doesn’t start this way, but it’s similar to any other celebration, whether it’s New Year’s Eve, our birthdays, the party of our dating, or wedding, and to celebrate any of our life’s victories.

But the beach and the sea are also where we look for help in the most complicated days, which are not at all, party days. It is there that we find balance, focus, detachment and internal strength.

Happy Holidays! Have a special Christmas, with what is most important,  family.


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